22 March 2010

Ted Hughes in Poets Corner

Louise Jury at The Evening Standard is reporting that Ted Hughes will receive a memorial in Westminster Abbey's coveted Poets' Corner.

Ben Hoyle at The Times says so, too, in "Ted Hughes to join the great and the scandalous in Poets' Corner."

Update - 23 March 2010

More news stories picked this up...

"Bard of Nature" in The Times.

"In Praise of...Ted Hughes" in The Guardian.

Afria Akbar in The Independent" contributes "Hughes to Join Literary Elite with Poets' Corner Memorial."

Tom Payne writes "Ted Hughes' Poetry Explored England's Myths" for The Telegraph.

Also for The Telegraph, there is Heidi Blake's "Ted Hughes to be Honoured at Poets' Corner following Campaign by Seamus Heaney."

Update - 24 March 2010

But wait, there's more. John Burnside at The Guardian Blog says "Ted Hughes's Poetry Enriches Us Spiritually and Mentally."


Anonymous said...


I know you mean well with informing all of us abt Ted's placement in Poet's Corner, but I thought this blog was abt Sylvia?

Anonymous said...

No matter how you try to soften it, that comment is inconsiderate for all Steinberg's done.

Anonymous said...

I'm not being mean to Peter. This is my first comment on this blog. BTW, I just bookmarked this blog maybe seven days ago. I totally appreciate another huge fan of Sylvia's to do something like this blog. I just thought the blog was abt Sylvia. Granted TH was a part of her life so I can see the posting, but I was hoping we could focus on Sylvia more. Excuse me for being the Sylvia fan.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm glad you've found the blog. While it is about and for Sylvia Plath, you must understand and appreciate - as you do - that Hughes is a part of it all. Occasionally links are posted for articles that mention Plath that aren't necessarily about Plath. It's up to you to read through the archive of 460+ posts to assess just how narrowly focused this blog is on Plath, and am a little put off by the suggestion that is isn't. I'm certain and hopeful you didn't mean to offend.


Anonymous said...


Please be assured I certainly did not mean to offend. I absolutely adore SP and am glad someone like you is running the show here. I guess I was just surprised by how much of Ted is on here. I understand that he was a BIG part of her life; so obviously there will be links. I guess all the praise to TH kind of offset me. Love the blog...really. :)

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