15 April 2010

The Written Word on The Spoken Word

The new British Library Spoken Word CD Sylvia Plath is garnering much interest.


sarah said...

Wow! That clip of Sylvia and Ted talking about their relationship gave me chills. I can't wait to get 'The Spoken Word'. Do you have any idea if it will be available on iTunes?

Peter K Steinberg said...


No, there are not plans to have the Plath CD on iTunes. Having listened to it many times I can say it's worth the asking price/shipping.


Peter K Steinberg said...

Please note that the Ted Hughes copy of Stained, I mean Saint Botolph's Review came to the British Library in Autumn 2009, roughly a year after their major 2008 acquisition. Thanks to Helen Broderick at the British Library for the information.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to borrow this CD from my local library. I, myself, placed the request. :)


Peter K Steinberg said...

Amy! I hope your local library gets it in soon!

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