07 July 2010

Three Women & Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath & more

A few links to pass on this Wednesday...

Kate Taylor of the
New York Times announced on Monday 5 July that the fall 2010 production of Sylvia Plath’s “Three Women” by Robert Shaw’s Inside Intelligence will be paired with Edward Anthony’s “Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath” this fall at 59E59. A version of Taylor’s article appeared in print on July 6, 2010, on page C2 of the New York edition. BrodwayWorld.com, Playbill.com, and TheaterMania.com also report.

Elisabeth Gray is interviewed here by Wendy Loomis at

Look for Tony Mann’s “From Sylvia Plath's
The Bell Jar to the Bad Sex Award: A Partial Account of the Uses of Mathematics in Fiction” in BSHM Bulletin: Journal of the British Society for the History# of Mathematics, Volume 25, Issue 2, 01 July 2010, Pages 58 - 66.

Someone’s created a
Plath mural in Portland, Oregon.


Anonymous said...


I used to live in Portland and went by this mural all the time. I lived close enough that I could walk right by. Sylvia is between Tennessee Williams and Dostoevsky. She's in good company. :)

P.S. The mural has been up for about ten years now.


Peter K Steinberg said...


How interesting. Thanks for this information, all of which would have been useful before now! How very cool!


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