13 August 2010

Plath's marginalia

Finally an interesting article in the news that relates to or mentions Sylvia Plath. Not that the Macedonian article reported yesterday isn't interesting.

In "The Precious Unprinted Contents of Books", Sam Jordison at the Guardian Books Blog discusses marginalia. The article mentions Plath's copy of The Great Gatsby, which is written about in "Princess Daisy: A Description of Sylvia Plath's Copy of The Great Gatsby" by Park Bucker.

Of course Plath's marginalia is but marginalia in the grand scheme of marginalia, but the subject is nonetheless an interesting one. In fact, it is the subject of a few full length titles, such as Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books by H. J. Jackson.

The majority of Plath's books are held by Smith College, Emory University and Indiana University. University of Virginia has eight volumes too. Some are held privately by lucky people.


Julia said...

I like how that bookplate looks like a Tarot card. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! My book, formerly owned by Plath (Three Nails) has that bookplate, which is a woodcut by Rockwell Kent....another good way to authenticate the book, yes? I believe that bookplate was produced in the mid 50s. kim

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