20 August 2010

A Poet's Guide to Britain: DVD

For those interested, Owen Sheers' A Poet's Guide to Britain is now available on DVD.

From the description on Amazon's page, Plath's poem "Hardcastle Crags" is discussed; however, I recall when the program aired on the BBC, it was "Wuthering Heights". But regardless, the Plath program is about Yorkshire. You can read reviews and previous posts on this program here.

The DVD came out about a month ago; sorry to be so late in posting about it. It is wonderful that it has been released as American audiences, and those of other countries outside of the UK, were unable to watch until now.


Julia said...

Have you seen the DVD, Peter? Think it's worth picking up? Care to write us a review? ;-)

Peter K Steinberg said...


Yes, I think it is worth it. I've only seen the Plath episode and with the exception of a couple of hokey parts it's well done. I'm biased, as I was able to contribute images and input.

Both Shiela Hamilton and I did reviews; which can be found by clicking the link to read previous posts on the topic.

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