17 August 2010

Tickets for Two Plath Events on sale now!

Tickets are on sale for both Robert Shaw’s Three Women by Sylvia Plath and Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath by Edward Anthony performed by Elisabeth Grey.

Both shows are on at 59E59 Theaters at 59 East 59th Street, New York, New York 10022.

Both shows are on from 5-31 October (see links above for performance times and ticket prices).

Obviously the day to go would be Wednesday, 27 October.

I’ve got mine; have you yours?


Julia said...

WISH! I'll be there in spirit.

Anna said...

Ooooh! If only I would live on the same continet, I would go immediately!!!

Meanwhile, I'm raging when I read stuff like this... http://dawmineek.tumblr.com/post/968020146/did-you-know-that-sylvia-plath-reportedly-didnt-even

Peter K Steinberg said...


Egad! That's atrocious. Just another example of lazy researching (we could call the person to start that rumour Lazy Lazarus!). What's a shame is that the bad information is viral and will spread.



I'm going to see "Three Women" twice I think, so look for a review here! Well, not here in this comment thread, but on the blog.


Kristina Zimbakova said...

Seriously, I reckon we might promote your newly-coined, Plath-originated phrase Lazy Lazarus as an idiom in everyday speech, thus enriching the English language. I will anyway!

Julia said...

My friend Laura (occasional reader here) is consulting a director and cast in Oregon on a production of Three Women, as we speak. Maybe she can guest-blog or comment here on it sometime.

If only all these shows weren't in the middle of a busy teaching semester! I would be making some trips...

Anna said...


This post made me soooo upset! And I HAD to let it out and yell a little... thank God for my tiny blog there http://lovingsylvia.tumblr.com/ and over 100 followers... maybe it was any good and people will forget this horrible statement! ;)

Jinghua FAN 得一忘二 said...

I will have to be back on 3 Oct. from NY. trying to extend my stay if i could get the first night

Robert Shaw said...

Julia, I hope your friend in Oregon realises that the USA stage rights rights for Three Women are not available at the moment. This is for a very good reason. I'm very much afraid that I've got them. Best regards, Robert Shaw

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