12 August 2010

Two Thumps Up!

Two contributors to Plath Profiles 3 successfully defended their doctoral theses this year and deserve a special shout out and applause.

Kara Kilfoil, of the University of Calgary, recently successfully defended her thesis, “Birthday Letters: Annotations and Commentary,” earning a Ph.D.in English with specialization in Modern poetry. Congratulations to Kara; and if you haven’t already, please do read two sample annotations in Plath Profiles 3. You’ll find they open Birthday Letters in a whole new way.Oh, and that’s Kara, Dr. Kilfoil if you’re nasty.

Earlier this year, Gail Crowther of Lancaster University, successfully defended her thesis “The Haunted Reader and Sylvia Plath”, earning her Ph.D. in Sociology. Paging Dr. Crowther, Dr. Crowther, you have a call on line 3. “Do you really think she’ll pull through...It’s really serious.” Gail has two pieces in Plath Profiles 3. The first was written with Plath’s friend Elizabeth Sigmund, and the second co-written with me.

These two scholars both have completed some amazing, original research into the life and works of Sylvia Plath (and Ted Hughes and their readers). It is this kind of long-haul dedication which can continue to re-evaluate and re-vision Sylvia Plath.

Thank you both for your work. Keep on Plathing!


Also, Kristina "The Magnificent Macedonian" Zimbakova's Macedonian translations of "Daddy" and "Ariel" made headlines in a major Macedonian national daily newspaper. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Hurray!
Florian :-)

Julia said...

You are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your kind words and for all your support during the PhD and "stop me if you think that you've heard this one before" but thank you for all your Plathing too.

Many congratulations Kara - loved your PP3 paper!


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