24 September 2010

Now Available: An Essential Self: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath

Lucas Myers’ new book An Essential Self: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath is now available for purchase via Inpress Books for immediate dispatch. Copies were featured for sale at the Ted Hughes Conference at Pembroke.

You can order your copy here. Thanks to Ann Skea and Kim for letting us know about the titles early availability. (The Amazon’s (.com & .co.uk) still list a January 2011 publication date.)


Julia said...

I wonder how this will differ from "Crow Steered, Bergs Appeared"? Have you heard anything about it?

I thought CSBA was pretty good, in general, although it urked me that it was full of typos, especially regarding Sylvia's name.

Rehan Qayoom said...

I'll have to get this at some point.

Ross Bradshaw said...

Hello; I'm from Five Leaves Publications, "An Essential Self" is published by our imprint Richard Hollis. I asked our editor to answer that question and he said "Myers's 'An Essential Self' is a new and different book. Some of it inevitably covers the same ground as 'Crows Steered', but it is a good deal longer and corrects some facts in the earlier book." We rushed the publication out for the September conference on Ted Hughes at Cambridge University and we are selling the book mail order as mentioned, but it will not be available via shops and Amazon until January as also mentioned. I'm sorry for any inconvenience or extra costs that creates for people needing the book meantime.

Anonymous said...

my copy just arrived. so exciting! thank you all. /ff

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