23 October 2010

Sylvia Plath on BBC's Country Tracks

Although not available to most of the world, the BBC's recent series Country Tracks featured the Bronte's and Yorkshire. They do mention Plath, about 44 minutes into the program. For Plath, they present a brief biography and interview the late Elaine Connell's partner Chris Radcliffe. Christ talks about Plath and quoted Elaine and then questioned the state of the grave and why she was buried in this location.

Watch it here! And thanks be to Gail Crowther for the summary and link!


Anonymous said...

"Christ talks about Plath..."

Jesus, that really would be an exclusive! :-)


P.S. As always, thanks for the SP updates.

P.H.Davies said...

This piece is riddled with cliches and inaccuracies, but it's nice to see Heptonstall again and the graveyard after many years of visiting there. Thanks for posting.

Peter K Steinberg said...

I agree, it was nice to see Heptonstall again. The grave is really in a sad, overgrown and neglected state. What a shame.


Julia said...

Darnit. The BBC has already taken it down! Grrrr!

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