04 January 2011

You are welcome here

This may or may not be of interest to anyone but me, but I thought I would post some metrics for the calendar year 2010 for this blog and my Plath website.

The country and city stats show just how far reaching interest in Plath is. The keyword stats show how powerful search engines really are.

Visitors to the Sylvia Plath Info Blog came from 132 countries/territories. The top countries were USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, India, Italy and Macedonia. The top cities were London, Sydney, New York, Seattle, Hagersten, Berlin, Chicago, Cambridge (Eng), Atlanta, and Adelaide.

There were 10,358 keywords typed into search engines that brought people to the site. The top keyword searches were: "plath info blog", "sylvia plath blog", "sylvia plath info", "plath blog", "sylvia plath blogspot", "plath flur", "did sylvia plath have an affair with a man named ralph?", "sylvia plath", "plath profiles" and "sylviaplathinfo".

There were some strange keyword searches, too. I include them not to embarrass anyone - because I have no way of knowing who keyed them in - but because I find them fascinating, humorous, etc. Some of these are: "peanut munching crowd", "214 Old Brompton Road", "sylvia stain", "video porno jully silvia", "where to get passports stamped after transatlantic cruise", and "who was the ouija board poetess". Of course there were many more...

For my Plath website, A celebration, this is, visitors came from 151 countries/territories. The top countries were USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, India, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and France. The top cities were London, New York, Sydney, Chicago, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Dublin, Brisbane, San Francisco, and Saint Leonard.

There were 13,335 keywords typed into search engines that brought people to the site. The top keyword searches were: "sylvia plath biography", "sylvia plath", "a celebration, this is", "sylvia plath biography you're, morning song", "the bell jar", "sylvia plath info", "otto plath biography", "sylvia plath a celebration", "sylviaplath.info", and "stars over the dordogne by sylvia plath analysis".

There were some strange keywords, too... "did sylvia plath teach at florida state university", "1950s life magazine story about poor boy taken in by rich family, wanted to go home", "prety weman by german illustrators", "suze rendell- foto silvia saint", and "why does esther bleed in the bell jar". Of course there were many more...

The strangest keyword search of the year 2010, however, yielded a hit on Plath Profiles: "concealed penis filetype:pdf". Wow.

Anyway, no matter how you find this blog - even if it's an accident - you are welcome here.


Melanie Smith said...

yay, Adelaide got a mention. Nice to see Plath reaching around the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter - Readers of my blog are mostly my family (huge huge Irish Catholic family spread all over)and my many friends. But the post that has gotten BY FAR the most hits is one I title "Bad Girls" which really didn't have much to do with bad girls. Those porn-seekers must have been sorely disappointed and moved on quickly. Best to you - George Fitzgerald

Peter K Steinberg said...

Hi George, Yes, I have learned a few things I didn't want to and had to clear the cache several times after re-keying the some of the search terms... pks

Anonymous said...

omg some keywords were really embarassing :O
what is important is that,yeah,they all got in here and found this marvellous and detailed and so well made site of yours,apologize again for my terrible english..but u know, im Alessandra ;))
with this one i want to wish, YOU and all who visit, a happy and positive new year, hope u all spent nice xmas holidays,, i havent found out the snow-blitz date yet, but yes,ok..that's it ;)

what's important is that we have ahead a whole and BRAND NEW YEAR to spend together here in the name of our beloved Sylvia.

my best(and fond)regards

--yes, the talkative one ;)

Peter K Steinberg said...

Happy New Year to you, too Alessandra and thank you both for your kind words about the blog continuing to look into "Snow Blitz".

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