05 March 2011

Additional Book to Look Forward to in 2011

In addition to forthcoming books by Tracy Brain & Sally Bayley, Janet Badia, and Kim Crowley to look forward to in 2011, we now have Uta Gosmann’s Poetic Memory: Sylvia Plath, Susan Howe, Ellen Hinsey, Louise Gl├╝ck (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 16 July 2011).

The first and last poets in the subtitle excite me beyond admission, and I look forward to learning more about the middle two in what promises to be an excellent summer read.

Gosmann is no stranger to Plath, or this blog. You will remember (of course) that at the 2007 Oxford University Plath Symposium, Ms. Gosmann gave a talk on “Double Inscriptions: Plath’s “Amnesiac” and Hughes’s “The Calm.” One can only hope this appears in her book.


Melanie Smith said...

Yay, I am hoping Crowther does not ascribe to Bloom's thoughts re Plath though.

Melanie Smith said...

I meant Crowley, oops.

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