27 April 2011

I'm Four Years Old

Today Sylvia Plath Info Blog is four years old. In blog years, that is about 80 - which is half as old as Joan Rivers. With that - and I have been thinking about this a long time - I have done a redesign of the blog, which I hope you all like!

Here are some trivia questions for you to consider. The answers will be posted in a few days.

In the fall of 1954, during the first semester of her senior year at Smith College, which charitable activity did Sylvia Plath do?

A. Pick up trash on Green Street
B. Tutor extraterrestrial creatures in the theory of haiku
C. Hold open church doors Sunday’s
D. Read aloud to a dear old blind man
E. Fly kites on behalf of handicap children
F. Grade freshwomen German assignments
G. Plant excitable tulips
H. Assist the college librarian in tracking down overdue books
I. Help police and boy scouts search for missing 20 year olds
J. Skim Paradise Pond of algae
K. Crochet blankets for cold local grandmothers
L. Start a petition to force Smith to go co-ed
M. Give blood
N. None of the above, she was too selfish

To whom did she write of this activity?

A. Mike Lotz
B. Gordon Lameyer
C. Richard Sassoon
D. Her mother
E. Ann Davidow
F. Adlai Stevenson

How much money did Sylvia Plath lose playing roulette in Monte Carlo during her winter break from Cambridge in December 1955/January 1956?

A. $1
B. $2
C. $3
D. $4

Who did Sylvia Plath credit in a letter for the title of her poem “Circus in Three Rings”?

A. John Hodges
B. Nancy Hunter
C. Edward Weeks
D. Gordon Lameyer


Anonymous said...

Keep up the adequate work.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th blogday! You have provided so much in these 4 years Peter. This is a place for us Plathites, Plathophiles, Plathnerds to connect, discover and revel. The new look is wonderful too, fresh, bright and fabulously readable! You can be a raucous, energetic 4 with my son Alex. I must go and think before I answer the quiz...

-Melanie Smith

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Blogging Birthday Peter - you're doing an amazing job. Really like the new design too!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Thank you Gail and Melanie! It means a lot to know you still come back to the blog! Let's keep on Plathing, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers is a year younger than Plath would be.

Anonymous said...

Great new graphic!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: this isn't terribly important, but I suspect Peter was making a joke about how bad Joan Rivers looks.

Cannot wait to know the answers to the quiz. I think the answer to the first question is H. Then for 2 I think it is E. I think Plath was frugal and so 3 could be B. And the fourth I think is C because wasn't Weeks editor at The Atlantic?

magiciansgirl said...

Happy birthday, old friend! I think the re-design looks great! I can't tell if that first comment by an "anonymous" poster is meant to be droll and funny or if it's just someone being an asshole.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Thanks ~VC!

Yes, I was going for humor there about Joan Rivers; and I'm sorry your answers were close, but incorrect.

Kimberlalapalooza! Thanks! Well, I think the first comment was written with droll and funny in mind considering I wrote it. This morning I was made aware of an issue or bug with the comments feature. So, I tried to leave one, thinking it wouldn't take...but it did.


magiciansgirl said...

Peterkins - that's hilarious! OK, you're not an asshole, so yes, must be drollery :-)

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