16 April 2011

Links - Week ending 16 April 2011

So, it seems like today
I'm just sending you away.
However, please come back
If you've anything to say...

Over on ladylazarus.tv, Florian Flur has posted a rare photograph of Sylvia Plath, taken by the poet, translator, and photographer Siv Arb. He has posted next to it the color photograph from the same photo shoot that we should all more or less be familiar with. However, this black and white shot shows Plath with Frieda and Nicholas Hughes from a different angle. Thank you Florian!

Over at Emory University, Amanada Golden has the first of three blog posts on taking her students into the archives and working with these kinds of primary sources. I am looking forward to reading parts 2 and3. A slight disclaimer: the page would not load in IE but was fine in Firefox.


Nancy said...

Thank you so much for the new photos and information. I especiially liked the one of Sylvia and Ted. They looked happy. Is there a date for that one?
As I said before, I am far behind in my knowledge of Plath. So, I did not understand the Pot Holder and Sweden. Can you please explain it to me? Thanking you in advance and please excuse my ignorance!

panther said...

A photo of Sylvia and Ted ? Am I being dense ? Where is this photo ?

I like this black-and-white one of S. with the children. She looks happy. In fact, I think she looks great in a lot of her photos.

Melanie Smith said...

It is a lovely photograph, I adore seeing her with her children, thank you to the Flurs.

Panther, if you scroll further down the page the Platrh photo is on there is one of Hughes and Plath that we have seen before.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Nancy, I've looked through a lot of the books on Plath and by Plath to see if I could find caption information about the photography to which you refer in from ladylazarus.tv, but could not find it. Perhaps I was looking too hard and just missed it. But, I think it is from 1959 and I think it is from Ogunquit, Maine. Perhaps Florian or some other Plath scholar with more patience than myself could find better information?

I think that another image from that same Arbian photoshoot in the Spring of 1962 was included in Ronald Hayman's The Death and Life of Sylvia Plath (Birch Lane Press edition, 1991). See image 4. There is no way to tell as a list of illustrations is not provided. If people cannot find this, perhaps I can try to arrange to have it scanned and put online, too.


panther said...

Thank you, Melanie. Have now found the image.

Peter K Steinberg said...

A friend just sent me the following about that photograph of Plath and Hughes at the beach currently on ladylazarus.tv which Nancy mentioned:

"The photograph of Plath and Hughes at the beach on the blog right now is in the group of photos at the beginning of Peter Davison's book, The Fading Smile. The caption beneath this photograph reads as follows: Sylvia Plath behind Ted Hughes, Annisquam, Massachusetts, May 20, 1959."

I checked this book, but at the section on Plath not in the beginning. Bof! 7 lashes for me.


Nancy said...

pks, Thank you so much for investigating the beach photo for me and don't beat yourself up too badly..At least you had the year right! Thank you for welcoming me to your blog! You are a true scholar, a kind and patient teacher!

Oh yeah, What about the Pot Holder photo? Can anyone tell me about that, please? Sorry to be so dense!

Thank you again,

Anonymous said...

Nancy. Sorry for being so mysterious. The potholder wasn't Sylvias. It was just something that turned up at the same time my wife discovered Sylvia Plath. As a highly unlikely coincidence. / Florian Flur

Nancy said...

Oh, that's a relief! I tho't I had completely missed something about SP's father or something...Thank you for explaining!

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