26 August 2011

Sylvia Plath on hurricanes...

As Hurricane Irene aims for Massachusetts and much of the east coast of the US, the New Yorker's Book Bench posted some good hurricane reads, including as you might hope, Sylvia Plath's "Ocean 1212-W." Unfortunately for the blogger, Macy Halford, she seems to have relied on the dating of "Ocean 1212-W" to what is printed in Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams...she should have read through some of the articles I co-wrote with Gail Crowther (in particular, "These Ghostly Archives" | These Ghostly Archives, Redux") to get it correct that the prose piece was not written until late January 1963 (sent to the BBC on 28 January 1963).

I wish she would have mentioned "The Disquieting Muses," too...

"In the hurricane, when father's twelve
Study windows bellied in
Like bubbles about to break, you fed
My brother and me cookies and Ovaltine
And helped the two of us to choir:
"Thor is angry: boom boom boom!
Thor is angry: we don't care!"
But those ladies broke the panes."

And also, "Point Shirley"...


magiciansgirl said...

Batten down the hatches and let us know if a shark washes up in your grandmother's yard :-)

Peter K Steinberg said...

Kimberlickingood - Will do. I'm hoping for a kelp encrusted Sacred Baboon!


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

You guys make me smile! Peter, keep safe!

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