19 September 2011

Sylvia Plath links of interest, on this the 19th day of September

P H Davies recently visited North Tawton and writes about it on his blog. The photographs of Court Green are among the best I've ever seen (and the rest of his blog and website are worthy of reading too, so, go on, treat yourself). You will remember the excellent book reviews he has posted, most recently on Heather Clark's The Grief of Influence and Kathleen Connors and Sally Bayley's Eye Rhymes: Sylvia Plath's Art of the Visual, and evocative poem "Heptonstall" in Plath Profiles 4.

Several weeks ago (wow, in July - I'm behind), on The Telegraph's website, there appeared the article "Ways With Words: Ted Hughes catches the animal within" by Blake Morrison.

Going further back, thanks to Gail Crowther we have "'Could I have done more for Sylvia Plath?' - Poet's doctor John Horder on his role in her final days" from the 11 November 2010 Camden New Journal, in which Dr. John Horder talks a bit about Plath. Some of his comments are at odds with what others (namely the Becker's) have said. Hmmm. What to believe...


PHD said...

Peter - thanks for the cross post! I really appreciate it and hope readers enjoy my account of visiting Plath's house. Thanks also for the Dr Horder interview - very interesting!!!

Melanie Smith said...

Very beautiful pictures and your collected poems arrived this week PHD, I look forward to reading them.

Thank you for these links Peter!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Melanie, you're most welcome.

PHD, you're most welcome, too!


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