13 October 2011

New Sylvia Plath thumbnail pages on sylviaplath.info

Earlier this week, I launched new thumbnail pages on my website for Sylvia Plath (A celebration, this is). The new thumbnail pages are a bit fancier than before, and I hope that it is an enhancement that makes being on the website more enjoyable. The main landing page for the photo galleries is here.

In each page, when you click a thumbnail, the image will pop up. Beneath the image will be some data about the book or place. For the thumbnail gallery of places Plath lived in, visited, or wrote about in her creative works and personal papers, etc. there is a caption beneath the image, but because of space, referential information still appears next to the thumbnail (this happens on one of the book pages, too). Depending on the resolution of your screen and the size, some of the text in the pop up box may appear below below the bottom of your screen. If you reduce the screen from 100% to something like 75% you should be able to see all the text. To escape the pop-up, click the X in the top right, hit the escape key, or click a couple of times anywhere else on the screen.

I hope you like everything! Thanks to the few people that viewed test pages and offered feedback, your assistance was quite welcome! The pages work best in Firefox and Chrome; if you are an IE user, then you may need to click the “Compatibility View” option in your browser’s address bar for everything to work. Please email me with questions, comments, concerns, etc.

Some have emailed me that they either have or had been having issues viewing the "A celebration, this is." If you are having any issues accessing the site, please let me know and I can try to resolve them with the host.

1 comment :

Peter K Steinberg said...

The new thumbnail page broke at some point, so I had to revert to the old style.


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