28 February 2012

Two articles on Sylvia Plath

Laura Miller eloquently at Salon.com writes on "Keepers of the Flame." As you might imagine, the idiosyncratic Plath Estate receives a little coverage exploring the posthumous life of Plath. Miller's commentary is never more brilliant when she points out the peculiar agenda of Plath's estate: "While most literary executors want to make their author seem a better — or at least a more decorous — person than he or she actually was, Plath was in the odd position of having the raw material of her posthumous reputation fall into the hands of a woman who preferred to make her look bad."

In a wonderful blog post, Maeve over at theplathdiaries asks a very good question: "How do we read Sylvia Plath?"

One scholarly article to tell you about today:

Hunt, Daniel, and Ronald Carter. "Seeing Through The Bell Jar: Investigating Linguistic Patterns of Psychological Disorder". Journal of Medical Humanities. 33:1. March 2012: 27-39.


Carl Rollyson said...

My new biography, AMERICAN ISIS: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SYLVIA PLATH, that St. Martin's Press will publish on February 11, 2013, contains a good deal of new material about the Plath estate and its dealings with biographers.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Carl - Congratulations on the publishing date! I'm pretty sure I speak for all of the blog's readers (well, maybe not three of them) when I saw we are looking forward to this new life of Sylvia Plath.


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