29 March 2012

Sylvia Plath's Readers and Paper Dolls

A few brief items to relate today.

Sylvia Plath's one-time rival, Adrienne Rich, died yesterday (28 March). Read an obituary here. Plath met Rich in April 1958 after a reading Hughes gave on the 11th  at Harvard. From her Journals, Plath wrote "...I would posthaste recover but I must hear Ted read at Harvard tomorrow (& look forward to meeting the long looked-at poetess Adrienne Cecil Rich)..." (365).  After Hughes' reading, Plath, Hughes, Rich, her husband and Marie  and Jack Sweeney had dinner out in Boston's North End at "Felicia's just off Hanover Street" (365) Felicia's was located at 145a Richmond Street (pictured here is the building in April 2010). Plath's description of the evening continues on page 369. Makes for fascinating reading. For more on Plath's Boston, please read (or re-read) Gail Crowther's "Virtually There in Boston."

There is a new book (novel) which contains within its boards "people who are obsessed with Sylvia Plath." Read more about The Vanishers by Heidi Julavits.

Jeanette Stewart at the Star Phoenix in Canada reports that "Plath's paper dolls come to Mendel." The paper dolls are housed among many other great treasures at the Lilly Library in Bloomington, Indiana. The Mendel Gallery is in Saskatoon (aka in the middle of nowhere), Canada. You can read more about the "Paper Doll" exhibit here.

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