08 May 2012

Sylvia Plath's Cornucopia

Julie Buckles has published recently an article in the Ashland Current titled "In Pen and Ink, Poet Plath Captures Cornucopia Harbor."

The article, a great one, greatly benefited from information provided by a deep friend in Plath, poet and author David Trinidad, whose Plath Profiles 4 essay "On the Road with Sylvia and Ted: Plath and Hughes's 1959 Trip Across America" explores Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes' cross country trip in the summer of 1959, which included their brief stay in Wisconsin.

The article looks at Cornucopia today and considers Plath's pen and ink sketch of the harbor, as was recently seen and sold at the Mayor Gallery's 2011 exhibit "Sylvia Plath: Her Drawings."


Peter K Steinberg said...

Although I commented on the article page, I thought I'd paste the same information here so that there can be something here to connect with Plath, Cornucopia, and her archives...

Several draft pages (3-10, 12, and 16) of Plath's story "A Prospect of Cornucopia" can be read at Emory University.

Plath submitted "A Prospect of Cornucopia" it to THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY on September 28, 1959, while she and Hughes were at Yaddo. Typically Plath wrote in the date of decision on her Submissions List, and it appears she did not hear back from the magazine until May 20, 1960. She must have rejected the story quickly though as it does not appear she sent it out to another periodical. She and Hughes re-used the verso's of each other's work, it its possible the missing page may be found one day; it's also possible they were burned in one of her post-discovery of Hughes' adultery bonfires, too.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Excellent, excellent comment, Julio. Thank you very, very much for the information.

Per your statement above, "The story, titled "A Prospect of Cornucopia," is presumed lost"... Again, about ten pages of the story "A Prospect of Cornucopia" does exist in the Emory archive.


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