08 October 2012

More Exclusive Photographs from Sylvia Plath's Three Women

Director Melanie Thomas has sent over four additional photographs from her production of "Three Women" by Sylvia Plath. Enjoy! And if you make it to a performance please let us know.

Carly Grayson as the Third Woman -
"A hot blue day had budded into something."
Narda Shanley as the Second Woman -
"The sun is down. I die. I make a death"
Gabrielle Savrone as the First Woman -
"Their footsoles are untouched. They are walkers of air."
(L-R) Narda Shanley, Carly Grayson, Gabrielle Savrone -
 "I shall meditate upon normality. I shall meditate upon my little son."


Melanie Smith said...

Excited to see it Saturday night.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Melanie - Excited to hear your impressions about this performance. The one I attended in NYC was revisionary.


Melanie Smith said...

Really really liked the play, will write up a review this week.

Melanie Smith said...

Review half done :)

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