17 October 2012

Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium Final Panel Schedule

Indiana University, October 2002
The panels for the Sylvia Plath 2012 have been updated. Please revisit the panel presentations page to see the latest line-up. Although there is a recently discovered erroneous omission, I have been told the panel presentation page is final.


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Oh! Pity there are always three to four panels running concurrently. I want to attend everything!

Peter K Steinberg said...

I know: I wish it were possible to attend them all, too. But this is why I am hopeful people will be willing to write up mini-reviews: so that we all may benefit based on the selections we make to sit in on particular panels.


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

I will definitely take notes on everything I attend.

Is anyone coming up early? I plan to spend all Monday and Tuesday in the Plath archives of the Lilly Library. Would love to know if anyone else in our little digital community might be joining me.

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