31 October 2012

Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium Photo Dump

In working through the photographs and files from the week in Bloomington, I have found the following that I thought others might like to see (primarily those who were not present, but also those who were because there is never enough).

The first three are from the IU Art Gallery and features some of the works by Kristina Zimbakova and Linda Adele Goodine.

The next are all from the "Transitions" exhibit in the Lilly Library.

As we leave October behind, it can only be described as memorable. Tomorrow we will have a guest post by Julia Gordon-Bramer on her experience in the archive. If you, dear reader, are so inspired to write something about your own experience with the archive: this is an open call for a guest post to get your impressions, which are as unique as snowflakes.


Peter K Steinberg said...

Sorry about the sideways photo of Case 1.


Melanie Smith said...

Thank you, thank you. Any morsel is much appreciated. Also, most of my students wrote on Plath in the exam Monday!

Peter K Steinberg said...

You're most welcome, Melanie! Great to know that the students are taking an interest in Plath! Must be some consolation to read these given that you were unable to attend...


Anonymous said...

Thank u thank u dear Peter for all the updates (and these pictures!!) u posted. I virtually have followed the whole symposium from day 1. I was there with u all, spiritually ;-) ..alas.
I imagine how interesting and thrilling it must have been. I felt a sort of "envy" for u all. I "lived" it vicariously through u all,your posts and your comments. And for the finale, this evening,right here i now come and find these,to me,precious photos. How amazing. Grazie mille, Peter.

big hugs and thanks infinite from Italy.


Peter K Steinberg said...

Alessandra - You are most welcome. You're kind words are very appreciated. I feel lucky to have been able to attend and to report to good people like you abroad. Not to make you jealous, the Symposium and archive experience was thrilling and interesting. I learned so much and will try to use this knowledge in future essays and blog posts.

Big hugs right back to you, sweetheart! - pks

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