12 December 2012

Seven Days of Sylvia Plath Gifts: Day 5

Day 5 - Limited and First editions by Sylvia Plath

On the fifth day of Plathmasnukka my true love gave to me
Pretty things to sit on my shelves

Uncollected Poems,
Turret Books, 1965
Limited to 150 copies
Do you like pretty things? If you like pretty things, Fuggetta 'bout jewelry, collect Sylvia Plath first and limited editions. If you love or like someone, this is the perfect gift to give because rare books typically gain in value in ways that other merchandise does not. A car, for example, which is on many people's wish lists, loses exponential value the moment you take it off the lot. A bobblehead or action figure, too, once out of the box, loses its value. But, a rare book? The moment you buy it its value increase because it is off the market. This makes the remaining copies more valuable, too, due to concomitant scarcity. You can find many limited editions for sale from ABEBooks. For a list of titles and cover images, please see my website.


Anonymous said...

Saw that a first edition of Tbe Colossus, inscribed by Plath to Theodore Roethke ("For Theodore Roethke with much love and immense admiration, Sylvia Plath, April 13, 1961") is for sale for 50,000. If only....

Peter K Steinberg said...

Anonymous! Thank you for your comment. If only, indeed. It's one reason to play the lottery...


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