05 January 2013

Independent on Sunday articles on Sylvia Plath

The Independent on Sunday has two fresh articles on Sylvia Plath in the 6 January 2013 paper. Suzy Feay writes on "Curse that lasted half a century: New biography casts fresh light on Sylvia Plath's legacy" and Lesley McDowell does a brief book review of The Bell Jar.

The Feay article is the better and longer of the two. If you can tolerate the re-cap of what's gone on in the last 50 years, you will get some some great information from Andrew Wilson, whose biography of Sylvia Plath's life before Ted Hughes, Mad Girl's Love Song, is being published in either late January/early February by Simon and Schuster. When I first learned of Andrew's project and met him I was instantly attracted to his project because it focuses on a largely overlooked period of Plath's life. His book is must-read material.

This is just the beginning, too.

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