10 January 2013

Teaching Sylvia Plath

Yesterday, I visited Smith College for a couple of reasons. One was to look at Sylvia Plath's copy of The Complete Plays and Poems of Shakespeare: A New Text (Boston; New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1942.). The other reason was to bore to death, I mean, talk about my website (and blog and Twitter) on Sylvia Plath to a group of students taking part in a documentary editing course taught by the estimable Karen V. Kukil. Barbara Blumenthal took these pictures of the students before they each, in turn, fell asleep. Like dominoes. I audited this very course last year and it was a ton of fun.

PS: I do not believe any of the students actually fell asleep! They were all kind, attentive, and very gracious to listen to me.


Anonymous said...

what a shame falling asleep at such an event! and taught by such a great woman.. If i only could have been there! it's really true the saying "appreciate what you have".

what a sadness to live in a country where they even dont know who Sylvia Plath is and when u ask for infos or a book abt/of her,they say, not even "who" but "what"?. ohhcomeonn!

thank u Peter for letting me live vicariously through all that u post.

xxx Alessandra

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

The students all look fairly upright in your pictures. ;-)

Peter K Steinberg said...

But they would, like Plath, "rather be horizontal".


Carl Rollyson said...

I find in my classes that almost as many students recognize the name of Sylvia Plath as the name of Marilyn Monroe.

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