05 October 2010

New Articles on Sylvia Plath

Just found out about the following two articles published in 2010.

Wootten, William. "'The Alchemical Power': The Literary Relationship of A. Alvarez and Sylvia Plath.” The Cambridge Quarterly 39:3. 2010: 217-236.

Meyers, Jeffrey. “Sylvia Plath’s Mysterious Lover.” Yale Review 98:4. October 2010: 88-102.

This appears to be Wootten’s first foray into Plath; while Meyers has previously published, at least, the following two articles:

Meyers, Jeffrey. "Literary Allusions in Sylvia Plath's Journals." Notes on Contemporary Literature 32:1. Spring 2002: 9-11.

Meyers, Jeffrey. "Sylvia Plath: The Paintings in the Poems." Word & Image 20:2. April-June 2004: 107-122.

Meyers also gave Plath a little coverage in his Manic Power: Robert Lowell and His Circle (New York: Arbor House, 1987).

Also in the news yesterday from the Telegraph is “The language that lovers share is a 'window' into the state of their relationship” by Richard Alleyne. This was also picked up at least by the Daily Mail in their “Soundalike sweethearts: How perfectly matched couples mimic the way each other speak.” Thanks to Kristina Z for the Telegraph link above.

Today, both "Three Women" and "Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath" open in New York at the 59E59 theater. Are you going?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter - any idea on how we average folk can access these two articles? thanks a bunch! kim

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