01 April 2020

For Men, Who Read Sylvia Plath

Men. Do you find it embarrassing not to remember your favorite Sylvia Plath lines of poetry and the concomitant premature evaluation that you are a dolt?

Do you intentionally avoid ALA, MLA, and other academic conferences for fear of drawing a blank when quizzed about Plath's use of gerund versus the infinitive in her college sonnets?

Did last October 27th's Google Doodle send you straight to A celebration, this is?

PLATHAGRA is a prescription pill that may help you achieve Plath poem retrieval the natural wayin response to cerebral stimulation which combats Plathtile Dysfunction. Ask your primary source-loving Ph.D if PLATHAGRA is the right step for you.

PLATHAGRA (sylviaplath citrate) should not be taken by men who read Ted Hughes habitually in any genre, at any time. This may reduce blood pressure to unsafe levels if used in conjunction with PLATHAGRA. And you might end up going pre-dawn fishing.

In poetry survey courses, PLATHAGRA was well received. Some men experienced side effects, including brilliance, charm, blushing, and marriage proposals. A small percentage of men experienced mild and temporary fulfillment. If poetry recitation continues in excess of four hours you should immediately take another pill because why kill the buzz? (See product information for more details.)

PLATHAGRA: Erect your self-confidence, in any occasion.


A Piece of Plathery said...

Bah ha ha ha ha

Anna said...

HAHAHA! I can't!!! I have been waiting for this one the whole day long! This is just too good! :D

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