21 April 2020

Sylvia Plath: Letters, Ghostly Archives, and Zoomposium

Something I heard from people was that they wished they could have attended some of the talks on editing The Letters of Sylvia Plath from the Belfast symposium and or at some of the other events I was lucky enough to give it.

I recently joined Zoom and would like to offer anyone the opportunity to join in on a reading of my paper. So please join me on Saturday, 25 April 2020, at 10 am Eastern Time US.

My talk should run about 25-28 minutes. I will try to answer questions if some are presented in the chat feature, or, also, on Twitter @sylviaplathinfo!

I plan to give the very same talk for those on the other side of the clock, as it were, in places such as New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the like.

Please bear with me if there are any technical glitches. This is a trial run for two additional events:

1. A reading from These Ghostly Archives: The Unearthing of Sylvia Plath that Gail Crowther and I plan to do on 9 May.

2. Gail Crowther and I are lining up an international cast of participants for the first ever Sylvia Plath Zoomposium on Saturday 30 May. We envision possibly doing a series of these.

Look for more information here and on Twitter regarding all of this.

All links accessed 18 April 2020.


suki said...

Can't wait!!!!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Thanks, Sue!!! ~pks

Amy Rea said...

Awesome! I'm in!

Eva Stenskar said...

So exciting! I'm in too!

Tiffany McCunn said...

Looking forward to this so very much! Many thanks.

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