Sylvia Plath chat on Zoom

Please join me on Zoom for a 30 to 40 minute general Sylvia Plath chat starting at 10:30 eastern US time on Saturday, 30 January 2021 . 

No format or agenda, just chatting about our favorite writer. You ask me questions? Maybe! I ask you questions? Maybe! Stare at each other awkwardly? Maybe! Maybe I can share a screen and show you some things that might be interesting? Regret logging in? No way. 

Maybe if this goes smoothly it can be something we do monthly? Assuming that at least one person shows up besides me, I may limit the number of people in the attempt to have some control over the numbers.

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Hopefully the time difference won't get to me
Hi Plathery! Perhaps one day we can do one that is more kindly to your time zone!! Today's chat was very nice & friendly.
Anonymous said…
would love to do this at another time. didn't see it until the morning of. crystal
Unknown said…
fabulous idea. more please. crystal
Ahhhhh I missed it, what a numpty.