08 January 2021

Sylvia Plath's Writer's Block

One of my favorite people in the world, Jett Whitehead of Jett W. Whitehead Rare Books, sent me a little Sylvia Plath Christmas present in the mail. It took a while to reach me, which is understandable. I was not sure I ever needed something like this before; but now that I have it, I can say safely it was something I was missing, truly...

It is a small block with prints on all six sides of Plath book covers (The Bell Jar, Ariel, Crossing the Water, and Winter Trees), a photo of Plath (from 1952), and her beautiful signature. Jett included a note saying that he hopes it is the only writer's block I ever get. Could not agree more. The funny thing is I was just reading the other day an entry in Plath's journals about her feeling of writer's block during her Boston year. 

Thank you, Jett!

Here is the block, which came with an official Poetry Pad of from Jett's office.

And, here is the block in use in my office:

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