Book Updates: Assia Wevill and Sylvia Plath

Today Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick and I are very proud to annouce that we submitted our copyedited text back to LSU Press for our forthcoming book, The Collected Writings of Assia Wevill. More news and updates about the book as it happens. The next step is to have the book typeset and to do the indexing. So, lots of fun to be had. There is no news on the cover yet but I hope to share it here when it is available. Thank you all sincerely for your interest this the volume!!

In January, I put the finishing touches on an essay that should be included in the Bloomsbury Handbook to Sylvia Plath, titled "'They will come asking for our letters': Editing The Letters of Sylvia Plath." It was adapted and enlarged from my keynote talk given at the "Sylvia Plath: Letters, Words and Fragments" conference held at Ulster University, 10-11 November 2017. The various contributors are awaiting their contracts, so more news on this once they have been issued. However, in addition to myself, some (Bethany Hicock, Gail Crowther, Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Lissi Athanasiou-Krikellis, Marsha Bryant, Nerys Williams, and Rebecca Tuite) have listed the titles of their forthcoming contributions on their personal/professional webpages. It is a privilege to be included with these and the other writers. 


Wess said…
When will the book of Assia Wevill' writings be available and on sale?

I have recently known about her and I have been spending the whole last week looking for her diaries, but I haven't found any publisher.
I am deeply, really fascinated and interested in reading her voice.
Hi Wess. The book should be published this autumn. Not sure of the exact date yet. There will be updates when they are known! Thank you for your interest.