Two New Sylvia Plath Bell Jar Translations!

Hey! I recently received a gift from Anna, the mastermind behind the long-standing Tumblr Loving Sylvia Plath! She was generous enough to send me two needed editions of The Bell Jar in translation. The first one is A Redoma de Vidro, Portguese edition, from 2015. 

The second book is Szklany klosz, a Polish edition printed in 2019.

The parcel was accompanied with four selections of vegan German chocolate. I cannot read either Portuguese or Polish, but I can eat chocolate like an Olympic gold medalist. 

My current shelf of Bell Jar translations... Note I've included the French Ĺ’uvres and Italian Opere as they include the novel. That's 33 total, though some are duplicated.

The books looks great up there on the shelf; the chocolate is long gone.

Thank you, Anna!


  1. You are very welcome, Peter! :) I knew I'm going to send you the Polish edition the moment it got reprinted in 2019, especially after you told me in Belfast that you do not have a Polish version! :)

    I am also glad that the chocolate did not disappoint, because the Germans are fairly new to the vegan cholocate game.

    And thank you for your kind words on my tumblr. :)

    I love your Bell Jar translation shelf! I loved your page with the cover pictures the moment I discovered it more than 10 years ago and there was a time that I visited it daily looking for updates! And then I decided to start my own collection and now I have 29 different languages and a couple more waiting for me in London, when the world ever opens again!

  2. So happy to see your Bell Jar shelf with its new additions!

    And that’s so nice of you, Anna—chokkies and all.


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