Sylvia Plath and Man at Yale

This blog has highlighted the Amherst young men that Sylvia Plath knew and mentioned in her letters. And, as well, a "who's who" at Smith College from Plath's time, looking specifically at the administrators and teachers circa 1957-8.

This blog post looks at Yale students. You have the letters and journals, by now, so I will leave you to work with the notes and index to read the ways in which Plath mentions and interacted with these fellows. The list of men here is from the Letters and is in the order of their appearance. Frustratingly, not all of the players in Plath's life had usable photographs in digitized editions of Yale's yearbook. So I did the best that I could in finding them and even had to go to other resources for a few. For many that was their high school yearbook and even digitized newspapers. I was unable to find a photograph of Joze Kostelec (1930–2014).

Vol I.
Charles Perry Norton (1932– )

Richard Allen Norton (1929– )

Oliver Trull Carpenter (c. 1930–89)

Alfred Whitney Griswold (1906–63)

J. Melvin Woody (1933– )

Fergus Reid Buckley (1930–2014)

Carl Bradley (1930-2016)

Eric Lane Wilson (1932–2009)

Plato Alexander Skouras (1930–2004)

William F. Buckley, Jr. (1925–2008)

Arthur Bennett Kramer (1927–2008)

James DuBois McNeely (1933–2017)

Richard Andrew Smyth (1933–2009)

Myron Lotz (1932–99)

Theodore Meyer Greene (1897–1969)

Robert Kent Modlin (1932– )

Selden D. Bacon (1909–92)

Richard Wayne Wertz (1933–2002)

Richard Laurence Sassoon (1934–2017)

Louise Hollister Healy, Jr. (1929-1992)

Garry Eugene Haupt (1933–79)

Donald Cheney (1932– )

Vol II. (not including those mentioned in Volume I)

Stanley Sultan (1928–2013)

Please do see Plath's journals and letters to read about her experiences with each of these men.

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