Another Reversed Sylvia Plath Photograph

Earlier this year in May, I did a blog post on a reversed photograph of Sylvia Plath that was printed in the Cambridge newspaper Varsity. In that post, I alluded to having found another one. Well, here you go. This one appeared first in Bitter Fame.

This is the photograph that appeared in the book...

Plath was right handed and like most righties, she wore her watch on her left hand. (Though there are some freaks out there, such as myself, who are right-handed and wear their watch on their right wrist!) But in the image above you can see the watch appears on her "right" wrist. 

Below the photograph has been flipped horizontally. Now the watch appears on her left wrist and the squirmy-looking baby Frieda Hughes is primarily nestled in her right arm, her baby-bum supported by Plath's probably stronger hand, the right one. 

The first post on reversed images, Parting Ways with Sylvia Plath, appeared in 2013. I hope that you find these posts useful, helpful, and interesting.

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  1. They are always interesting and useful.

  2. I love these posts and all these little fun facts! :)

    Also, I may or may not have anything to do with how this photo got on the Internet seven years ago! ;)


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